TOP 9 Best Beaches in Albania
Sviat Oleksiv
March 2, 2022

Albania is a unique country with two seas (the Adriatic and the Ionian), mountains and hills, lakes and rivers. And here you can find the best beaches for each taste. So, let's see 9 the most unusual and fascinating beaches.

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1. Plazhi i Borshit

Borsh Beach, with its stunning four-mile-long shoreline, is totally worh visiting. The magnificent colors of turquoise and ultramarine are entrancing to observe from a distance as you drive down from the highlands. It is the Ionian coast of Albania's longest stretch of beach.

Sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and waterskiing are available during the day. At night, you'll always find the most unexpected, peaceful gatherings of locals and tourists, complete with music and bonfires, under the starry heavens.

Every summer, an increasing number of tourists find Borsh, yet the extra-long coastline can comfortably accommodate all of them, with room to spare.

2. Plazhi i Gjeneralit

The General's Beach is located in Bardhor, small-town nearby Duress. To get there can only by car (but there isn't a good road). It's a really peaceful and calm place with clean transparent water. There are even some small houses on the beach that are available for rent.

3. Plazhi Bora Bora

Bora Bora Beach is located in Ksamil and is known as the European Maldives. It's quite easy to get there by car, and parking is approximately 50 meters away from the beach. The beach stretches for about 100 meters. The place is very beautiful, with transparent water, white sand, green islands.

There is a lot of beach infrastructure here. You may rent a variety of items here, including loungers, umbrellas, and pedal boats. Restaurants and beach bars are located right on the beach, and there are numerous residences and hotels in the area. But too crowded, especially in summer.

4. Isole Gemelle di Ksamil

This is Ksamil's most beautiful and unique beach, situated on a pebble ridge between two natural islands about a kilometer from Ksamil Beach. You can get there by catamaran, inflatable boat, and boat.

You can unwind both your body and your mind here. The seawater is beautifully clear, and the bottom is rough at depth, so don't forget a mask and enjoy the underwater environment.

5. Plazhi i Manastirit

Monastery Beach is one of the beautiful but secret beaches in Albania. It is located outside of the town of Ksamil, along the Saranda-Ksamil road, close to the Monastery.

Monastery Beach is a rocky beach situated in a beautiful bay with crystal clear water. It's a peaceful place far from a city's noise

6. Plazhi i Pasqyrave

It's close to the Saranda-Ksamil highway, nearby Monastery Beach.

Mirror Beach is a beautiful beach with clear water and fascinating rock formations right off the shore. Because the beach is not protected, the sea can be rough on windy days.

7. Krorëza Beach

Kroreza Beach is one of the most secret and beautiful beaches. It is located just north of Saranda on the Albanian Riviera, is a lonely and isolated beach where you can get only by boat.

The beach is surrounded on three sides by rocky outcroppings and offers stunning turquoise water. There are pop-up bars and restaurants during the tourist season. Nearby you can find an amazing bay and take photos on its rocks.

8. Rodoni Beach

Rodoni Beach is a fantastic bay nearby of Tirana. It is located in the part of Albania called Cape of Rodon (in Albanian: Kepi i Rodonit).

Cape of Rodon is a 10 km long cape on the Adriatic Sea. It offers a unique combination of unspoiled nature, breathtaking views, medieval cultural treasures, virgin sandy beaches, and numerous historic bunkers dating back to Enver Hoxha's reign. There are also nice restaurants and Rodon Castle.

9. Gjipe Beach

Gjipe Beach is one of the best beaches in Albania! There are wide beach, grottoes in the rock, incredible color of the water, the sound of the sea and silence. Only you, mountains and sea. There is a Gjipe canyon where you can discover the best places for taking photos. Also, there are various caves along the shore from Gjipe to which you can swim. ⠀ ⠀ It's easy enough to find on a map, but hard to get to. 30 to 60 minutes walking distance. But they are worth it. ⠀