See all of Albania in 8 days!
Sviat Oleksiv
May 5, 2022

Albania is a big and beautiful country and the best way to discover it is by renting a car. So, you can rent a car in Tirana and start to discover the amazing country

1 day - Tirana

Tirana is the capital of Albania and it is the first city you will see in Albania. Tirana is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe in terms of development with its compact historic center, city park, and colorful neighborhoods. There are a lot of places worth visiting.

Skanderbeg Square

Skanderbeg Square is a popular tourist destination and the main square of Tirana. It was named in 1968 in honor of the Albanian national hero - Skanderbeg. Since 2016 - a completely pedestrian zone.

Especially worth visiting in the evening when you can take lovely photos.

Air Albania Stadium

Air Albania Sports Stadium is the largest stadium in Albania. It can accommodate 22,500 people. And It just looks amazing! Unusual shape, thousands of windows, red and black decoration and one of the highest hotel tower in Tirana - 112 m

Pyramid of Tirana

Pyramid of Tirana is a former museum in the capital. It was opened on October 14, 1988, as a museum of Enver Hoxha, a longtime leader of communist Albania. But now it is completely abandoned.