Top 30 places in Budapest
Sviat Oleksiv
February 2, 2022

Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and, as Hungary’s capital, it holds a lot of history. The city itself was officially created in 1873 when the towns of Buda, Óbuda, and Pest were combined. These three towns themselves, however, date all the way back to the Middle Ages. Nowadays Budapest is divided into two parts by the amazing River Danube: Buda and Pest. It`s an attractive city and a popular holiday destination.

Located at the heart of Europe, this is a city of nearly 2-million people. It holds not just history but a lot of culture as well. Art galleries, museums, park exhibits, and much await the millions of tourists visiting every year. All that plus the majestic Danube river and many other natural sites around the city make it one of the best places to visit in Europe even if it is a little – undeservedly – underrated compared to some of Western Europe’s capitals. But let’s go over a few examples. Here are our Top 30 things to go (see) in Budapest.

1. Fisherman's Bastion

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open all year round, day and night
  • Entrance: free balconies (you need to pay only on the top tower)
  • Looks like a castle from Walt Disney films, only nicer and older
  • The best panoramic views in Budapest
  • There are cafes on the terrace of the Fisherman’s Bastion (e.g. ”Panoramia Cafe & Bar” with an amazing view and and “Starbucks” with delicious coffee)

One of the most famous parts of the Buda Castle in Budapest is the Fisherman’s Bastion. It was built in the 16th century and its gorgeous and authentic Gothic revival and neoclassical style blend looks like it came straight out of a movie.

Despite its name, the Fisherman's Bastion never was used for defense. In the past, there was the fish trade surrounded by a fortress wall. And even nowadays there is a small market at Christmas.

The Bastion has seven tall spires that represent the seven Maygar chieftains that helped establish Hungary over a thousand years ago. What’s more, not only is the Fisherman’s Bastion itself breathtakingly beautiful but it also has the perfect view over the Danube river and the city’s center. The views from the Fisherman’s Bastion well deserve to be a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.


  • “Impressive, and one of the greatest architectural buildings in Budapest”
  • “The one and an only Instagram spot in the city”
  • “The atmospheric place, the height and the beauty are mesmerizing“
  • “Great place for photoshoots, especially on a sunny day”

Helpful tip

This location is usually full of tourists. So, if you want to take amazing photos, you should come in the early morning (to see the perfect sunrise) or on weekdays.

2. Heroes’ Square

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open all year round, day and night
  • Entrance: free
  • Shows key events of Hungary’s history
  • Located close to different popular attractions

Few places in Budapest get photographed more than the Heroes’ Square and for good reason. It’s an official World Heritage Site. The square was built back in 1896 on the 1,000th anniversary of the Maygar Conquest. The Heroes’ Square is a memorial to that conquest. It features numerous beautiful statues of the original founders of the country.

And on top of the Corner Pillars, you can see four symbolic figures: War, Peace, Work and Welfare, Knowledge and Glory. At the center of the square is the tall Millenium monument. And, around the square, you can find quite a few excellent museums and other tourist destinations and parks.

Attractions Near Heroes’ Square

Two great museums on both sides of the Square:

Where to Eat Near Heroes’ Square?

  • Robinson - a cozy restaurant on a small island with Mediterranean and Hungarian cuisine.

  • Gundel - You should try this legendary place. It offers authentic Hungarian dishes and wines. Because of its fame, it’s still one of the most expensive restaurants in Budapest.

3. City Park

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open all year round, day and night
  • Entrance: free
  • Looks like a park from some tale
  • The best relaxing location in Budapest
  • There are a lot of interesting and romantic locations

Budapest’s City Park is the breathing center of Budapest. This is a chill, beautiful, and incredibly charming place to visit. Budapest’s City Park is a combination of luscious greenery and wonderful old buildings.

It also includes a lot of swimming baths, sports facilities, the Budapest Municipal Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, Vajdahunyad Castle, and the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture inside it, a boating lake, and Ice rinks it transforms into during the winter.

Simply put, we can write a whole separate article about all the top things to do in Budapest’s City Park.

4. Magyar Zene Háza

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open exhibition: every day except Monday (10:00-18:00)
  • Ticket: 2800 Ft
  • Enjoy an unbelievable roof with holes and the trendiest interior
  • There are three floors
  • Located: in the middle of City Park, close to the best attractions

In Budapest among the best city`s attractions in the City Park, you can find the fascinating museum “House of Music Hungary“. This location will amaze you with its exterior and interior.

You must see holes in the roof structure. Inside one of the holes are modern offices, inside others - trees grow. Huge glass walls offer unforgettable views.

The building was constructed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. The cultural location looks like it is dissolving in nature. So you feel like you are walking through the woods.

It is going to be a venue for different music events and exhibitions. In one of the halls will be a permanent exhibition “Sound Dimensions - Musical Journey Through Space and Time” that is dedicated to the history of European music.


  • "A museum of Western European quality that Budapest can be proud of. They creatively combine and alive the entire musical history with interactive elements. At the beginning of the exhibition, everyone will receive headphones that will always convey knowledge relevant to the current topic in this room, presenting the history of Hungarian and international music from Gregorian to contemporary music. The interior is also fantastic, modern, everything is written in Hungarian and English."

5. Vajdahunyad Castle

The Agricultural Museum is located in the Vajdahunyad castle complex. It`s a baroque palace that contains over 200,000 historic agriculture tools, artifacts. This location is worth visiting because you can go on the top of The tower of the Apostles where is a unique panoramic view.


  • Adults: HUF 2500
  • Students, Seniors from EU: HUF 1200

6. Central Market Hall

Quick Useful Facts

  • Entrance: free
  • Looks like an old mystery railway station
  • The best choice of everything (food, souvenirs, clothes..)
  • There are food stands and bistros on the upper floor of the Great Market Hall Budapest

The Central or Great Market Hall is a stunning relic of its time. It was set up just a year after the Heroes’ Square. It was established to be one of the best and most beautiful food halls in Europe. Despite the destruction it suffered during the Second World War, the Central Market Hall has been restored in a fully authentic fashion.

The market hall is called “Great” not only because of its size but also for the volume of trade. The market is also called the “Central” Market Hall because of its location (5 min walk from the city center). It now accepts Budapest citizens and visitors by the thousands every single day.

Helpful tip

If you want to avoid the crowds, don`t go here early in the morning. Housewives and other locals do the early morning shopping until about 8-9am from Monday to Friday. It is especially true of Saturday mornings. The best time to visit the Budapest Market Hall is between 10 am and 12 pm or 2 pm and 4 pm.

Interesting fact

Great Central Market Hall is awarded “The Best Market In Europe” (CNN Travel)

7. The Chain Bridge

Interesting facts

  • At the time of its opening, the bridge was considered a wonder of the world
  • The bridge is 375 meters long and 16 meters wide
  • According to the legend, the sculptor, Marschalko János forgot to create the lions’ tongues. A small boy noticed this at the opening ceremony and said to Marschalko. After that, the sculptor became really distressed and jumped off the bridge into the Danube.

Located over the Danube river, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge was the first permanent bridge connecting the towns of Buda and Pest over the Danube. It opened in 1849, just after the Hungarian revolution. It is not just a practical or scenic but a historic landmark for the city. The scenery shouldn’t be ignored either, however. There are few prettier sights than the sunset over the Danube, seen from the Széchenyi Chain Bridge’s pedestrian walkway.

Helpful tip

You can walk across it from Buda to Pest and back – this is an excellent way to enjoy the World Heritage-protected sights and take wonderful photos. When you see how the lights of the city reflect in the dark river at night - you will fascinate

8. Széchenyi Thermal Baths

Built over a natural hot spring, the Széchenyi Thermal Baths are more than 100 years old. It’s one of the largest thermal baths in Europe with a total of 18 large pools, both indoors and outdoors. The baths also have a gym, saunas, therapy massage tables, and a cool bar. The baths are open year-round and are immensely popular. Naturally, this makes them quite full at all times too but so is every awesome tourist attraction.


  • 5 900 HUF (weekdays)
  • 6 200 HUF (weekends and holidays)

People`s responds

  • “I Highly Recommend this, a little pricey, but you can stay all day, well worth one visit at least. Make sure you bring flip-flops as you do walk between the two heated pools at either end of the swimming pool. Well worth the money as you can stay all day.”
  • “A must experience when you're in Budapest there’s very great when it’s -1 outside and 28 degrees in the beautiful baths lots of different pools to explore and try”

Helpful tip

The best time for visiting this location- until 11 o'clock in the morning. So start your day with amazing relaxation and quiet. Don`t forget your bathrobe, towel, and slippers.

9. Citadella

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open all year round, day and night
  • Entrance: free
  • The highest view of Budapest
  • Symbol of freedom
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site

All the way at the top of Gellert Hill, the Budapest Citadel was built in the mid 19th century by the Hapsburgs. It was made in response to the failed Hungarian War of Independence. The Hapsburgs hoped the strategic position of the Citadel will help them quell any future uprisings.

Unfortunately, while Hungary stopped garrisoning troops there at the end of the 19th century, the Soviets used that same citadel to fight against the Hungarian revolution in 1956.

Despite the nasty history behind it, today the Budapest Citadella houses a museum, a hotel, and a restaurant instead of troops, and is a prominent tourist attraction.

Traveler`s response

  • We walked to the top for a long time and did not regret it: the monument offers gorgeous views of Budapest and the Danube! The Citadel itself is closed. Go down - easier, although you are already tired. But downstairs near there are the Gellert and Rudas Baths

10. St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen`s Basilica is the largest church in Budapest. It is open to the public from Monday to Friday. The church is dedicated to Hungary’s first king, St. Stephen and it’s as gorgeous as it is big. Visitors are allowed to not just walk around freely but to go to the very top of the basilica as well and enjoy the view over the city from there. You can also take a break to have a hot cup of coffee from the basilica’s terrace café.


  • The place at the time of visit was crowded, but still had the time and space for observing and appreciating the architecture. It is of great historical importance to the people. There was a service going on but the experience was wonderful especially the amazing sounds from the pianoforte. Highly recommended.

11. Dohány Street Synagogue

Another recognized World Heritage Site, the Dohány Street Synagogue has a unique Moorish architecture and a distinct oriental look. It’s also called the Great Synagogue. It’s a true beauty with its Byzantine decorations, rose windows, and twin towers on the sides of the entrance.

People`s thoughts

  • "An amazing Synagogue full of history and hebrew culture, have to visit at least once in life. Even if the price could seem a little much it definitely worth every cent. The guides are very knowledgeable and helpful."

12. Danube Promenade

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open all year round, day and night
  • Entrance: free
  • There are 60 pairs of men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes made of steel

The Danube Promenade is more than just a walkway by the river. Even if it was just that it’d still be an awesome tourist attraction thanks to the gorgeous view over the river.

But it’s also a touching Memorium of World War II. During the war, Hungary was ruled by the anti-semitic far-right Arrow Cross Party. Like the Nazi party in Germany and Austria, the Arrow Cross persecuted and killed Hungary’s Jewish citizens. 20,000 of them, in particular, were shot on the banks of the river. Their bodies were then dropped in the water to be carried downstream.

Before the execution, the people were made to take off their shoes. The shoes were used for sales or soldiers. The Danube Promenade uses shoe sculptures to pay respect to that tragic moment of Hungarian history.

Useful tip

Most tourists visit this location during the day, but at night there are more symbolic atmosphere and view


  • "A very historical surreal experience. And it was lovely to walk down the whole Danube promenade where there are plenty of other statues too! There are not scripts to tell you the story behind the shoes if you don’t already know. So googling the history is advised"
  • "Water attracts everyone. Danube river gives the perfect attraction by having its wide size and different beautiful locations arround it. Hungarian parliament is also located on its edge. Night view full of lights, cold breeze and light smell. Love it!"

13. The Tropicarium

Quick Useful Facts

  • Entrance: 3000 Ft (adults), 2200 Ft (children, senior)
  • Looks like a real tropic rainforest
  • The best collection of rare animals in West Europe
  • There are event hall where you can celebrate your special event with an exclusive view of sharks

If you’re feeling tropical, the Budapest Tropicarium can scratch that itch for you too. This is a slice of a rainforest right in the center of Europe. The Tropicarium also includes a large aquarium with an underwater observation tunnel. There are a total of eight exhibition halls where you can see anything from free-flying tropical birds, monkeys swinging on lianas and tree branches, large sharks swimming above your head, and more.


  • “This place is worth visiting even if you haven’t children. There are a lot of funny - poisonous spiders, scorpions, lizards, reptiles, snakes, funny birds, and monkeys. Of course, you can take amazing photos for Instagram inside a tunnel with big sharks”

Useful tip

The best time for visiting Tropicarium is before its closing on weekdays. On in time feeding of animals (you can find it on their website)

14. House of Terror

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open every day except Monday (10:00-18:00)
  • Entrance: 3000 Ft (adults), 1500 Ft (reduced-price)
  • Feels like you are inside a time machine
  • Huge collection of things, notes, and photos
  • There is even basement where you can absorb the atmosphere this horror history
  • Website:

What better name can there be for the former headquarters of a country’s Nazi party, now turned into a museum? The House of Terror can sound like a Disney park attraction. Yet, instead of fake skeletons, it exhibits Hungary’s World War II-era painful Nazi history. The museum shows visitors where the Arrow Cross party operated and how they tortured and killed over 80,000 Jews. You’ll also see the other horrors the party committed during its rule, as well as its eventual decline.

15. Parliament Building

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open every day (08:00-16:00)
  • Entrance: 3500 Ft (for EEA citizens), 6700 Ft (for non-EEA citizens)
  • Looks like a luxury baroque castle
  • There are beautiful interior and exterior
  • Website:

Situated right over the Danube river, the Hungary Parliament building is one of the largest parliament buildings in the world. While not quite as impractically gargantuan as the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, the Budapest Parliament building is still huge and also quite gorgeous. Its neo-Gothic architecture alone makes it look like a fairy tale castle. The Danube river beside it only compliments that look even further. Lifehack from the author: spend a little time and walk around the Parliament Building in the evening. It's amazing from all sides.


  • "One of the most spectacular and beautiful buildings I've seen in Europe thus far. Not just the parliament building, everything near by is making it better. River, bridges, and trams are all wonderfully lit. When you visit around the holidays, it is undoubtedly a memorable experience. Tourists must see this attraction!"

16. Rudas Baths

Quick Useful Facts

  • Entrance: 5500 Ft (weekdays), 6900 Ft (weekends)
  • There are thermal pools, a Turkish bath, swimming pool, roof pool
  • Note: there are men's days and women's days (Only Tuesday). So, in men's days, women can't come into Turkish bath

For a different thermal bath experience, you can try the Rudas baths. This unique place has hot tubs are placed right on the roof of the bathhouse and not just inside it. This gives you not only a great thermal bath experience but also a gorgeous view over the Danube to boot.

The baths have several different parts or zones too, so you don’t necessarily need to go to the top if you don’t want to.

Helpful tips

  • You are offered three types of tickets - Thermal pools, Wellness, and All in. If you are only interested in taking a nice photo in the roof-pool, you can take just a Wellness ticket, that is cheaper.
  • This location is very popular with tourists and locals, so the best time of visiting is early morning till 11 o'clock.


  • "Great experience overall. Even though I wasn’t able to visit Turkish bath on Monday, I really enjoyed the panoramic view from the bath on the top of the building."

17. Hungarian State Opera House

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open for tourists in tours
  • Entrance: price depends on performance or tour
  • Impressive its interior, exterior, and acoustics
  • There are performances for each taste (opera, ballet, or classical concerts)
  • Website:

Built-in 1884 as per the commission of Emperor Franz Joseph, the State Opera House is one of the most famous and widely respected musical institutions in Europe. Performances are held there regularly. Even just the architecture of the Opera House is stunning with its neo-Renaissance look. So, if you don’t want to book a spot in the 1,200-seat auditorium, the house has guided tours during the day.


  • “Magnificent Neo-Renaissance opera house with a horseshoe-shaped auditorium! Unfortunately, it is always being renovated, we have the impression that we only see a part of it that has been uncovered on each visit”
  • “Real impressive place”

18. Hungarian National Museum

Quick Useful Facts

  • Entrance: 2600 Ft (adults), 1300 Ft (discounted-price)
  • Looks like Greece theater because columns
  • Huge collection of historic exhibitions, over 20 halls
  • Note: for taking photos you need to pay extra 800 HUF

Over two centuries old, the Hungarian National Museum is fascinating on the inside as well as on the outside. The museum has seven permanent displays that revolve around the country’s history and archeology – from the age of the Avars all the way to the end of the Soviet occupation. There are also exhibitions about the area’s history before Hungary, including the times of the Roman Empire. And, on the outside, you can enjoy the museum’s neo-classical architecture and the gorgeous portico and statues.


  • “Very interesting museum which presents in the nutshell the history of Hungary from paleolithic times until the end of socialism period. The building itself is amazing. Please note that there is an additional charge for a photo shooting permit.”
  • “Very good and they have a discount if you are under 26. So we ended up paying less than 10 euros for 2 people”
  • “Amazing! For those who want to learn about Hungary and Hungarian history! Very nice special temporary exhibitions”

19. Liberty Statue

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open: all year round, day and night
  • Entrance: free
  • Height: 36 m
  • Second Name: Freedom Statue
  • Best time to visit: after sunset for the view of Budapest.
  • Note: Unfortunately, it's closed for renovation until the later part of 2022. But It's worth walking up to the Gellert Hill for views

Budapest’s Liberty Statue is situated atop Gellert Hill. The statue was erected during the Communist era of the country in 1947. Its original symbolism was to commemorate the Soviet troops who died in World War II against Nazi Germany. Eventually, however, the statue’s inscription was changed to “All who sacrificed their lives for the independence, freedom, and prosperity of Hungary.” This change, together with the statue’s cool design and fantastic location is why it was left up despite being a Soviet monument.

20. Budapest Pinball Museum

Quick Useful Facts

  • Entrance: 3500 Ft (daily ticket)/2500 Ft (discounted ticket)
  • There are a lot of gaming machines - from the oldest ones to the most modern
  • Doesn't look like a museum, but like a big gaming room
  • Best choice for families with children or friends
  • Website:

This is one museum you probably didn’t think you’d find in Hungary but the Flippermúzeum or the Pinball Museum is actually a great place to visit while you’re in Budapest.

It’s the largest pinball museum in Europe and it includes 130 different pinball machines. And, of course, the museum is interactive and visitors have unlimited access to all machines there.


  • “Great experience. Recommending for a rainy day in Budapest!”
  • “No words. You just pay for the entry fee and then the world is yours. Just book at least a couple of hours to have fun playing pinball, mortal kombat and so many other classics games ”

21. Margaret Island

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open all year round, day and night
  • Entrance: free
  • Get there: by foot from Pest (about 45 min), by boat from Pest, by tram
  • Interesting: there are a lot of dogs and red squirrels

A great place to visit, walk around, and have a picnic, Margaret Island is a gorgeous green park right in the middle of the city and in the Danube river.

A true paradise of greenery, flowers, peace, and quiet, Margaret Island is excellent for visit, especially after a few tiring days of going through the rest of what Budapest has to offer. The island also has a beautiful art nouveau water tower museum that hosts collections of photography exhibitions.

You can also climb to the top of the tower and look at Margaret Island from above.

What to do on Margaret Island?

  • You can ride on a bike or a funky vehicle (that way is easier to get around the island, especially with kids)
  • Visit Island`s own thermal baths, Palatinus Strand
  • Climb Margaret Island’s water tower where is an amazing view
  • Visit Rose Garden or Japanese Garden
  • See the Musical Fountain (works each hour at 00)


  • “Wonderful park with a huge area to explore. You can find not only nice green places but also interesting historical buildings. This park is beautiful even in winter. Highly recommend visiting this place”
  • “Great place every time of the year! For drinks, running, watching the Danube, collecting chestnuts, admiring the musical fountain, debating whether it belongs to the Buda or the Pest side... Legally it is Pest but culturally it is Buda, by the way. Looks nice from above, too!”

22. Memento Park

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open every day (10:00-18:00 May - October and 10:00-16:00 November - April)
  • Entrance: 1800 Ft (daily ticket), 1200 Ft (discounted ticket)
  • Located: close to different attractions
  • Allowed take dogs and other pets
  • Website:

For a touch more history you can also visit Memento Park. Together with the Libert Statue, Memento Park is one of the few Communist-era monuments that have been preserved. In fact, Memento Park is a collection of multiple statues and public works of art that have been collected from all over Hungary.

The purpose was to keep them displayed as relics of the past without glorifying it. There are a total of 40 statues to look at, including the statue of Stalin’s giant boots – a replica of a Stalin’s statue that was taken down during the Hungarian revolution of 1956.


  • “Being Polish, I was totally amazed by the fact that even though one nation may have suffered from in a specific period of its life, it can still show respect to that period's art. There may not be many monuments in the park, but they have amazing dynamics and are crucial for understanding the history of the country. It was really surprising to find a monument by a Greek sculptor, which showed characteristics of ancient Cycladic art. Huge thanks to the guide, who pointed out the sculpturer's origin!”

23. Aquincum Museum and Ruin Garden

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open every day (10:00-18:00 April - October and 10:00-16:00 November - March)
  • Ticket prices: depend on the time of year and size of your group
  • Located: close to different attractions
  • Allowed take dogs and other pets
  • The best part of the attraction is the ancient ruins
  • Website:

If you’re itching to see an even older slice of history you can check out the Aquincum and the Ruin Garden. This outdoor museum is the restored ruins of an ancient Roman city. This was the predecessor of Budapest and the capital of the old Roman province of Pannonia back during the 5th century AD. The ruins themselves were discovered during the 18th century by a winemaker. After three centuries of continuous archeological and restoration efforts, the lost city is now open to tourists. The Aquincum has gorgeous mosaic floors, an amphitheater, a water organ, tombstones, and a beautiful garden. There is also an annual music festival called Sziget held in the Aquincum every year.


  • “In the middle of Budapest is a whole block of ancient Roman ruins. There is a coliseum, tombstones, some frescoes, and even mosaics. True, not everything fits on the territory of the museum, so there are all sorts of stones with pieces of some kind of ornaments just on the street”

24. Budapest Castle Hill Funicular

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open every day (08:00-22:00 -every 10 minutes) except Monday on odd weeks
  • Ticket prices: 1400 Ft (Single ticket); 2000 Ft (Return ticket)
  • Save your leg when you want to get to the top of Buda Castle Hill
  • Nice view from each side of the cabin
  • The journey takes about a few minutes
  • The best choice on a rainy day or with kids
  • Website:

This cable railway system was built on the side of Castle Hill. The purpose was to help connect the towns of Buda and Pest. The funicular is at a 40-degree angle and connects with the Szechenyi chain bridge. Unfortunately, the railway system was destroyed during the World War II bombings. It has been since restored, however. Now tourists can enjoy a fun ride down Castle Hill to the chain bridge. Along the way, you can also enjoy the gorgeous view over the Danube river and the west part of Budapest.

25. Faust Wine Cellars

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open Thursday - Monday (14:00-20:00) Tuesday and Wednesday - closed
  • Unforgettable tastes experience
  • The best choice on a rainy day or for a gastro tour
  • Website:

Located directly underneath the Buda Castle are the Faust wine cellars. They are a great place to visit if you are a wine enthusiast. Hungary may be known for its fantastic beers, but the wines you can find in the Faust cellars come from the country’s 22 wine regions and are certainly spectacular as well. While you’re there, you can also try the traditional Hungarian liquor called palinka. This strong fruit drink is typically made out of pears, peach, apricots, plums, apples, and sour cherries. It tends to vary between 37.5% and 86% ABV (alcohol per volume), making it an incredibly strong drink.


  • “This wine tasting was absolutely and everything one could have asked for. Great wines from interesting and personal locations in Hungary, small vineyards with limited production. Great atmosphere in the old cellar, a bit hard to find though. The guy really knew what he was talking about and you could feel that he had a passion for it. The wines themselves were an interesting mix of flavor and the scones were also delicious.”

26. Buda Hills

Quick Useful Facts

  • There are a lot of hiking trails
  • Enjoy a large expanse of hilly forest within the capital
  • You find there peace, silence, calm, clear air, beautiful views
  • Located close to the Children’s Railway, which is entirely staffed by children aged 10-14 (with the exception of some adult staff who are responsible for safety).
  • The best place for a BBQ

If you want a break from the busy city side of Budapest you can check out the Buda Hills. This quiet, calm, and refreshing part of Budapest have lots of parks, nice trails, and paved pathways for you to enjoy. A lot of them also have a direct view over the Danube and Budapest. If you want an even higher vantage point you can go up the Erzsebet viewing tower. There’s a children’s railway tour as well for those visiting with their family. And, if climbing a tall hill sounds like too much trouble, don’t worry. You can use the awesome chairlift to get there in just 15 minutes. Even just the ride itself is breathtakingly beautiful!

27. Gellért Hill Cave

If you’ve traveled through Europe before, you know that churches there come in all shapes and sizes. Few are as unique as the Budapest Cave Church, however. Believed to be the former home of a hermit Maygar monk, the church is located inside Gellert Hill. You can discover every detail about the church’s rather disturbing past when you visit as it’s open to tourists since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

28. For Sale Pub

Quick Useful Facts

If the wines of the Faust wine cellars aren’t for you, you can try the For Sale Pub. This famous pub has a fascinating and very charming interior that’s literally covered with the notes, paintings, and cards of satisfied customers. Both the beer and the traditional Hungarian dishes offered in the pub are of the highest quality and come in great variety, hence why there’s almost always a long line of people outside of it. Note: There is just straw on the floor and you should throw your rubbish (e.g. from free nuts) on the floor


  • “Perfect service and food. Need to try it when you are in Budapest Amazing atmosphere and interior”

29. Szabo Ervin Library

Quick Useful Facts

  • Ticket: 1500 Ft (for tourists), 200 Ft/year (for students - but you need to have your passport)
  • Enjoy a large collection of books and great interior
  • There are eight floors (but the best part is on the 4th floor)
  • Address: 1088 Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 1.
  • Website:

For those that want to tickle the bookworm inside them, you should check the Szabo Ervin Library. This often-ignored by tourists beauty is located in the Wenckheim Palace. The library used to be a mansion but its rooms were converted into reading rooms by the Budapest city council in 1931. So, if you want to take a break from the noise of the more populated tourist attractions of Budapest, you can always sneak into the Szabo Ervin Library and take a look at its many books, gorgeous chandeliers, and aristocratic dark wood rooms and bookshelves. Of course, Budapest has even more to offer for the more enthusiastic tourist who can’t be satisfied with just 30 awesome attractions. We can’t go over every single sight worth seeing, however, as this article would need to be a book instead. Suffice it to say that these top 30 things to do in Budapest are indeed must-sees so we hope you’ll have time for all of them.

Helpful tip

There is a hidden beautiful spiral ladder. So you can find it and take amazing photos for Instagram

30. Ferris Wheel of Budapest

Quick Useful Facts

  • Open: Monday-Thursday (11:00-23:00), Friday - Saturday (11:00-24:00), Sunday (11:00-23:00)
  • Ticket: 3000 Ft or 10 euro (for adults), 1800 Ft or 6 euro (for kids 2-12 years)
  • Enjoy new emotions and beautiful views
  • The best attraction for children
  • Address: Budapest, Erzsébet tér 1051
  • Website:

Another name is “The eye of Budapest”. It`s a giant Ferris Wheel that offers nice views of all attractions in Budapest. Being inside is definitely safe even in windy weather. Entering is slow enough and convenient. At one time you will do three or four circles. The best recommendation is to try this attraction twice - on the day and at night. Even if you aren't going to enter on the Wheel, it's still worth visiting in the evening to take wonderful photos.