Talking Rocks Cavern

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Talking Rocks Cavern is a network of caves discovered by accident in the late 1800s and is located about 15 minutes from Branson.

At Talking Rocks Cavern, you can learn about geology while having a good time with your family. Starting at the top of the cave, the tour descends 265 steps to reach the floor. The "curtain" and "bacon" crystalline formations, for example, can be seen in the well-lit caves.

Outside, there's a SpeleoBox crawl maze, a lookout tower, nature trails, and picnic areas for guests to enjoy.

Truman Powell was the first to explore the cave, which he named the Fairy Cave, but the name was later changed to Talking Rocks Cavern, inspired by the quote of Powell's son. Mineral deposits and rocks in the cave were the particular focus of his exploration. He later concluded that these geological features would tell him a story about how the cave came to be.

Guided tours of the cavern now include educational and entertaining elements, with visitors learning about the cave's discovery, history, mineral deposits, and geologic structure throughout an hour-long tour.

Afterward, you can engage in on-site activities such as mini-golf, gemstone panning, or a hike to a lookout tower.