Saint Louis Zoo

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A trip to the St. Louis Zoo is a great way to spend the day in Missouri without spending any money, so you can keep your wallet tucked away. The Saint Louis Zoo is a go-to destination for animal-loving families in Missouri, featuring more than 12,000 animals from 500 different species.

The zoo is well-known for the quality of its animal care and management and its work in wildlife conservation and scientific research. Isn't this great?

Grizzly bear siblings Huckleberry and Finley, and polar bear Kali, can all be found at the zoo. Join in on the fun at Penguin and Puffin Coast, where you can enjoy the amusing antics of the adorable seabirds. Watch seals and sea lions swim and dive around you as you walk through an underwater tunnel and into their natural habitat.

It's also good to check out the Living World educational and discovery center, featuring wildlife and conservation efforts films.