Onondaga Cave State Park

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Onondaga Cave State Park has abundant stalactites and stalagmites, flowstones and rimstone dams, cave coral, and more as you venture inside. The underground streams and caverns of Onandaga Cave State Park, a National Natural Landmark that will take your breath away!

Missouri is attractive as "The Cave State," and it's no surprise because of its underground wonderland. Vilander Bluff Natural Area is a popular spot for fishing and canoeing in the Meramec River, and visitors can explore the park's underground wonders.

Due to bedrock deposits, volcanic activity, and erosion, Missouri's karst topography has existed for millions of years. The Vilander Bluff Natural Area, located along the Meramec River, is a great place to get a beautiful bird's eye view of the valley from the top of the bluffs. There are also over six miles of hiking trails and swimming, fishing, and canoeing opportunities.