National WWI Museum and Memorial

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The National World War I Museum is an attractive tourist destination and has welcomed millions of visitors since then. It houses one of the world's most extensive archives of World War I artifacts. It was opened in 2006. Interactive exhibits, documented eyewitness accounts, and more than 75,000 historical artifacts are available.

The National World War I Museum isn't just for history buffs. With a collection of artifacts ranging from rusted weapons to propaganda posters, the museum has something for everyone. Theaters with educational films and reels can be found in both sound booths. A Renault FT tank and a Ford Model T ambulance from 1918 are displayed.

The adjacent Liberty Memorial had stood watch over Kansas City's streets for more than 90 years before the museum was built. It was completed in 1926, dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge, and is still a reminder of the Great War today.

While World War I isn't as well-known as World War II, this museum offers an excellent opportunity to learn about a significant period in American history. The government has designated the museum in Kansas City, Missouri, as the official WWI museum of the United States.

To get to the main building, you need to follow the 265-foot tower. Walking across the red poppies on the other side of the bridge represents the 9,000,000 people who perished in World War II.

If you're planning a trip to Kansas City or anywhere in the surrounding area, be sure to stop by this fascinating attraction.