Elephant Rocks State Park

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Elephant Rocks State Park is a beautiful tourist destination located in the Saint Francois Mountains and is best known for its elephant-shaped granite boulders, public recreation, and preservation of natural resources.

Massive granite boulders, formed 1.5 billion years ago, make up the elephant rocks, which look like a train of circus elephants. Geologists are fascinated by the formations they've created, and history buffs and climbers alike enjoy exploring them.

Elephant Rocks Natural Area's Braille Trail, a one-mile loop interpretive trail, is the first in Missouri state parks designed for visual and physical disabilities visitors.

A side trail leads to an abandoned quarry via the "Fat Man's Squeeze" and the "Maze," two 100-foot sections of strewn boulders that separate the main trail from these two side trails. You'll find shaded picnic areas complete with benches and tables throughout the park.