Must see in Montenegro
Sviat Oleksiv
February 24, 2022

Montenegro is a very beautiful and multifaced country, ideal for travel. "All-inclusive" beach vacation is not about Montenegro.

Useful Facts

  • Montenegro gained independence only in 2006
  • The national currency is the euro
  • There are two capitals: the historical-Cetinje and modern-Podgorica
  • The length of the Montenegrin coast is almost 300 km
  • The Bay of Kotor is the deepest in the Adriatic
  • 20% of the country are national parks, and 85% are mountains
  • Long traffic jams and lack of parking spaces are common problems here
  • Supermarkets and any other grocery stores are closed on Sundays
  • Here is a very short day because the sun hides behind high mountains

1. Стари град Котор

Kotor is a beautiful old city where people go for culture, not the sea, as the city stands near the port. In the city, everything has its own history: buildings, doors, stones... So it's good to walk with a guide who will pay your attention to those details which are not visible to everyone.

Quick Useful Facts

  • All part of an old town is a UNESCO heritage site
  • There are a large number of restaurants, but prices are high
  • You can't drive into the old town, but there are several free parking lots within walking distance
  • There are a lot of cats in Kotor. Why? During the Middle Ages, Montenegro was plagued by the rat plague. Kotor suffered the most, so four-legged helpers were brought in and saved the city from a terrible disaster. Since then, the cat has been a national symbol.
  • There is no house with right angles in the Old Town of Kotor because the locals believed that evil spirits live there.
  • There is located the narrowest street in the Balkans that is called called "Let me through." Its width is only 80 cm and it has a length of 20 m. The street is too narrow even for two people.

Advice: for the beaches, you should go out of the town. They will be wild, but you can leave the car along the road and enjoy the nature

2. Kotor Serpentine

Kotor Serpentine (also known as the Montenegrin Great Wall) has more than 5 km long and 20 m high.

In ancient times, it defended Kotor from attackers. The observation deck is located 280 meters above sea level!

You can climb here only on foot in several ways: through the Old Town of Kotor on a stone staircase or on the old mountain trail outside the city. The path is quite difficult and exhausting, but the time and efforts are worth it to see with your own eyes the breathtaking panorama of the Bay of Kotor.

3. Skadar Lake National Park

Skadar Lake is the largest lake in Europe, with more than 40 islands in its waters (43 km long and 26 km wide, and 6 rivers flow into it). It is surrounded by the picturesque mountains of the Dinaric Alps and divided by Albania and Montenegro.

Every year, the lake attracts a large number of birds. Pelicans, cormorants, numerous types of herons, black ibis, various ducks, and even pink flamingos can all be found here. There are no crocodiles and other dangerous inhabitants. The water is covered with a blanket of water lilies and a water nut called "Devil's Horns" (a local delicacy).

How to get there?

You can get to Skadar Lake by car or by shuttle bus. From Budva, you can get to Skadar Lake (Virpazar) by bus, which runs towards Podgorica via Petrovac. The cost of the road will be about 4 euros per person. You can also go on a tour with a good guide who knows the local features.

4. Cetinje

Cetinje sits at a height of 650 meters above sea level. It is the former capital of Montenegro. Nearly 150 000 people live here, and all city can get around on foot in a few hours. Nowadays the city is the cultural and spiritual center of Montenegro, where the residence of the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.

5. Perast

Perast is located in the heart of the Bay of Kotor. The residents of the city, which then were a part of the Venetian Republic, successfully repelled Turkish incursions for over five centuries, during which time the Turks occupied more than half of the Bay of Kotor. Natural and political factors caused Perast's decline throughout time, but they did not rob him of his previous glory, which can still be seen in the stone walls, bridges, bell towers, and piers.

The city totally is worth visiting for its unique attracts. There are 17 palaces and houses in the Venetian Baroque style, a huge number of small islands, a beautiful promenade, 16 churches, and even an oyster farm! That's why this city is considered one of the top destinations in Montenegro.

6. Budva

Budva is one of the most popular resort in Montenegro. It's located close to all attractions. There are many bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and a promenade along the coast where you can walk. It's perfect for young people.

From some disadvantages: it is crowded, there are high prices, rocky beach

** Where to go in Budva?**

  1. Go to the island of Sveti Nikola (ticket price 4 € on both sides). There you can rent sunbeds or take your towel (Lifehack: after 17:00 sunbeds are free)
  2. Spend the day at Mogren Beach
  3. Visit the Citadel and enjoy a nice view of the city (ticket 3 €)
  4. Walk through the night city. In the evening there are attractions for both children and adults.

7. Mogren beach

The Mogren beach is located 150 m from the hotel "Avala" in Budva. It is a small sandy beach with rocks. The beach also is famous for its attraction called "Door in Stone" where you can take the best photos

8. Becici beach

The Becici resort is famous for its wide beach. It is hidden among the lush mountains where there is an unsurpassed view of St. Nicholas Island and St. Stephen's Island. Length of the beach is 1950 m

9. Sveti Stefan Beach

The resort of Sveti Stefan is the most Instagram place in Montenegro. The resort is split into two areas and is connected by a thin natural isthmus in the middle of the Budva Riviera. Locals love this spot because the beach is known for its clean and lovely environment and a peaceful atmosphere away from the crowds.

Merlin Monroe, Sylvester Stallone, Claudia Schiffer, Leonid Brezhnev, Queen Elizabeth II, and others were among the actors and singers, politicians, Hollywood stars, and royal blood figures who stayed here. Nowadays, celebrities frequently visit the island to relax.

10. Luchica Beach

Luchica beach is a well-designed beach near Petrovac, which is located in a small Adriatic Sea cove. The infrastructure is well-developed, and there are fewer tourists than on the central beach.

Luchica beach is largely made up of sand and shingle. There are also junipers and pines trees. Because it is not visible from the hotel windows, the beach entices with its peaceful. The length of the beach is over 200 meters, while the breadth is 10 to 24 meters. The water is very pure and warms up to 21-25 degrees Celsius in the summer. The seafloor slope is steep, and seafloor with pebbles. The first 3-5 meters are ideal for the younger visitors' games.

Luchica beach is separated into two sections: It's a sandy beach with well-developed facilities and a rocky side that's wild.

The first is ideal for individuals who like comfort, while the second is ideal for those who prefer nature. On the infrastructural side, there are cafes, bars, restaurants, stores, changing cabins, beach showers, toilets, rental service (a sun lounger with an umbrella), and parking spots. Water slides, playgrounds, and ice cream parlors are available for youngsters.

11. Crno Jezero

Black Lake is in the Durmitor National Park. It is divided into two lakes: Big and Small. Two parts are connected by a narrow strait, which dries up in summer and creates two separate lakes. Probably because of this feature, locals call the Black Lake - "Eyes" of the mountains. The water in the Black Lake is emerald blue, crystal clear, but cold. The lake is big, so walking there can take about 4 hours.

Prices: entrance-3 €, parking-2 €, boating 8 € for 1 hour.

12. Park Milocer

Park Milocer is located 6 kilometers from Budva and has around 18 hectares in size. The park is planted in a traditional French style. Through Milocer Park you can get the island of Sveti Stefan. In opposite direction you can find the best location for Instagram photos!!! It is an amazing rock.

How to find it? Pass the Sveti Stefan beach. Then go up the stairs and go on a hiking trail. Stop at the second bench. There will be a path to the rock. Don't miss it!

13. Milocer beach

The gorgeous semicircular bay of Milocer Beach is located in the resort village of Milocer, 8 kilometers from Budva, and is bordered by light cliffs and rich vegetation. The beach has a length of around 200 meters and is covered with golden sand, with small stones in some sections. Multi-colored pebbles may be seen at the bottom of the pool due to the perfectly clean water. The bay's water is tranquil. Everybody can rent a set of sun loungers with an umbrella. There are fresh water showers, change rooms, and toilets.

14. Plavi Horizonti Plaža

Plavi Horizonti beach is located near Tivat. It has a 350-meter length and is surrounded by olive and cypress trees. The seafloor slope is gentle, and the water gradually deepens, providing ideal conditions for families with little children. The seafloor and the shore are both covered in sand. There are also amazing rocks.

15. Slovenska Plaža

Slavic is Budva's largest city beach, stretching along a scenic promenade from the Old Town harbor to the Astra Montenegro hotel complex. The Citadel of Old Budva, the Monastery of Podmaine, and the Church of the Holy Trinity are all nearby medieval structures.

A 1.5-kilometer-long Slavic beach is divided into two sections. The first is coated in sand and pebbles near the Old Town, and the second is covered in small pebbles from the Becici side. The water's entrance is level, and the bottom is stony and sandy. The depth reaches 30 meters at a considerable distance from the coast.

Tourists and residents alike flock to the beach. Because of the great number of hotels in the area, there are a lot of people.

16. Tivat

Tivat is a modern and luxurious city. It is famous for its promenade with yachts. You can take amazing photos there or just sit in an atmospheric cafe with a beautiful view.

17. Jaz Beach

Jaz beach, a public beach 3 kilometers from Budva, is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

The 1.5 kilometer-long Jaz Beach is divided into several sections. Large stones and pebbles dominate the rocky area of Jaz I closest to Budva. Lovers of unusual sceneries choose to unwind here. A nudist zone is hidden among enormous boulders. The second, Jaz II, is coated in sand and small pebbles. The most isolated area, hidden behind a short river that runs parallel to the beach, is a magnificent golden sand beach. Relaxing with young children is very pleasurable.

Jaz is one of the most popular beaches on the Budva Riviera, where locals and visitors from all over the world congregate. There are many families with little children, as well as young adults and retirees, among the visitors.

It's best to go to the beach as early as possible - because beach equipment is usually gone by 11 a.m. The coast's remarkable width allows everyone to spread out with towels. Some travelers prefer to stay in a campground near the beach and arrive before the crowds.

18. Petrovac beach

Petrovac beach is a free public beach located in Petrovac town. Its length is 600 m, and Its width is 15 m.

The beach is fine pebble and pale gray sand. The water is warm, clear, pure and ideal for families with children. The most crowded tourist season is from June through August, when most visitors arrive.