Crete – The Island for everybody
Sviat Oleksiv
February 22, 2022

Greece - is an amazing country that has already stolen thousands of tourists` hearts. Especially attractive are its Islands. So we'd like to share with your TOP the best places in Crete.

Crete is the biggest Greece Island surrounded by four seas, so there are a lot of places that are worth visiting. Notice, that the west part of Greece is more fascinating than the east part, so we'll start from the best locations on the west.

1. Balos Beach

Don't miss the most romantic place on the Island - the Balos lagoon. Balos is famous for its turquoise waters, pink sand, and wild natural beauty.

There is an observation deck. To get there is a real challenge - you must climb up under the hot sun. But it's worth all your power because from the top you'll see the best view ever. The lagoon is surrounded by three seas, each of which has its color. This is a very romantic place. According to some legend, even Prince Charles and Princess Diana stayed here on their honeymoon. During the summer, the lagoon is visited by thousands of people, who arrive mostly by the ferries running from Kissamos port. If you do not like crowds, arrive at Balos in the morning by car, before the tourists arrive from Kissamos. These few hours of peace and quiet in such a heavenly place will remain etched in your memory forever.

2. Imeri Gramvousa

It is located close to The Balos lagoon, so it's easy to visit it by boat or yacht. This place has a deep and interesting history. It was the last defensive point where pirates tried to protect their treasures and freedom. According to the legend, the Island was named after the last pirate woman who survive when the Island was conquered. The Island is famous for its ancient ruins and the unforgettable view from the top of the fort

3. Loutro

It is a small beautiful village located in the southwest of Crete between the towns of Sfakia in the east and Ayia Rumeli in the west. You can get to Loutro - by boat or on foot because there are no roads, and this fact gives the village a unique charm. Arriving here by boat, you will fall under the spell of both the settlement itself and the bay in which it is located.

Notice that there aren't extensive sanded beaches. The beaches are natural rarely on the Island. But there is a clear sea and comfortable sunbeds. Swimming, coffee, or a lazy lunch in one of the taverns on the beach - that's all the local entertainment. So, it's the best place to restart your mind and body.

4. Chania

Chania is also called the paradise in Greece because Chania it's the greenest area on the map of the island. The former capital and second-largest city of Crete.

If you like Chania, you must visit Rethimno! Both cities are full of life, nature, and ancient ruins. There you'll find everything - fascinating museums, quiet streets, noisy markets, nightlife, unique wildlife, charming bays, colorful houses, and many locations for taking photos on Instagram. The cities aren't dull.

5. Hersonissos

Hersonissos is a noisy city. There are full of shops, markets, and entertainment for everyone. There aren't sanded beaches, but you can rent a sunbed and relax. It's famous for its luxury hotels and restaurants that gift you not only tasty food but an amazing panoramic view and cozy atmosphere. Also, there is the oldest Aquaworld in Crete. The place is definitely worth visiting.

6. Malia, Crete

If you are looking for quiet rest with sanded beaches, you must visit the small city, Malia. It is a beautiful and peaceful city. There isn't noisy nightlife or a lot of entertainment. But wide sanded beaches, bays, cozy restaurants, family taverns, and friendly people - are just amazing. And Malia is located close to the best attractions for children. Don't miss the fascinating beach - Potamos Beach. There are calm clear sea and small mounts where is easy to get by foot

7. Agios Nikolaos

On the island of Crete, Agios Nikolaos is also known as St. Nicholas. It is the only city that is worth visiting on the east.

Agios Nikolaos is one of the country's most comfortable resorts, with a thriving nightlife. It's interesting to mention that this town is quiet during the day, but the accumulated energy burst at night. With the coming of darkness comes a period of adventure, which is only possible at this time of day, legendary meetings, and explosive entertainment.