9 Prettiest Beaches in Mallorca

Sviat Oleksiv
February 19, 2022

1. Caló del Moro

Calo des Moro is a tiny place in the southeast corner of Mallorca, 6 kilometers from Santanyi. It might be difficult to access the beach. Residents have put up signs indicating that the road is private, but that it is feasible to drive all the way to the beach. Calo des Moro is a stunning beach nestled deep within a bay surrounded by steep rocks. 

Although it is a little beach, the 40 meters of sand are fine-grained and brilliant. The water is incredibly pure and has stunning turquoise colors. Between the towering cliffs, it's ideal for a swim. 

After you've parked your car, you'll have to walk a few hundred meters. On the route, you'll pass the Cala s'Almunia beach, although Calo des Moro is the most attractive of the two. 

The beach has been referred to as a "hidden tip" for many years. It is no longer the case, thus coming early in the day in July and August is a smart idea. Try to avoid visiting the beach on weekends, when many residents do.

2. Cala Mesquida

About 350 meters long, Cala Mesquida's beach is formed like a bay with fine-grain sand. Clean and clear water can be found here, but the wind can pick up and make waves and currents. A lot of tourists, especially Germans and British people under 50, love it because it's so easy to get to and has a lot of sand and water.

People can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas. There is one restaurant and a snack bar that serve good food and drinks, but there aren't many other places to go. Besides diving, snorkeling, and paddling boats, there aren't many water sports to do. 

Cala Mesquida is very easy to get to by car. There is a lot of free parking on the streets near the beach, and there is also a lot of free parking at the beach itself. Getting to the beach by wheelchair is difficult because you have to walk the last 200 or so meters to get there. To get to the beach, if you are staying in an apartment or hotel on the beach, there is a paved path you can follow.

3. Cala Mondragó

Cala Mondragó Natural Park, which spans 1,900 acres on the island's southeast coast, is home to three main beaches: Cala des Borgit, Ses Fonts de n'Alis, and s'Amarador. A rocky road that runs along the coastline connects the last two. If you prefer peace and quiet, we propose visiting Playa s'Amarador, which was named Europe's most beautiful beach by the online portal Onbeach.com in 2008.

Cala Mondragó is known for its blue shallow waters, beautiful soft beaches, undulating white dunes, and shady nooks shaded by ancient pine and stone oak trees. This beach is perfect for families because it has all of the required beach amenities. Cala Mondragó is a famous snorkeling destination due to its rocky coves and crystal blue water. Hike the natural trails or enjoy a glass-bottom boat excursion! Almost everywhere along the journey, you can jump off and swim.

The best way to get to Cala Mondragó is via car. Drive towards Porto Petro from Santanyi and leave at the last roundabout at Mondragó. There is a large public parking lot where you may park for free.

4. Platja de Cala Marçal

Cala Marcal, in the southern section of town, is Porto Colom's largest and most beautiful beach. The beach is set within a lovely harbor with rocky outcroppings on both sides. Waves and undercurrents are adequately protected on this fine-grained sand beach.

The beach provides all of the standard amenities, including sun loungers, sunshades, showers, and restrooms. The beach is additionally overseen by a lifeguard during peak season.

Visitors arriving by automobile can park in the streets to the south of the beach. There is also a supermarket here where you can get everything you need for a day at the beach.

For the little ones, there is a tiny playground on the beach. There is plenty of space for older children to play and play ball games. The sea is gradually deeper, and waves are uncommon. As a result, it's a fantastic beach for kids.

On the right side of the beach, there are various cafés and restaurants. The beach and the magnificent bay can both be seen from here. On the beach, there is also a large beach bar.

5. Alcudia beach

A wonderful sand beach may be found in Alcudia Bay! The beach stretches for 10 kilometers from Ca'n Picafort in the south and Port d'Alcudia in the north.

The beach in Port d'Alcudia is the widest, stretching up to 100 meters. The sand is golden and fine-grained, and the water is normally calm in the shallows. It's fun to splash around in, even for tiny children.

There are several areas where sun loungers and sunshades can be rented, but there is also plenty of space for people who want to relax on their towels. Showers and restrooms are also available.

A seafront with hotels, restaurants, stores, and other amenities is located behind the beach. From food and drinks to beach balls and rubber boats, everything is available here.

A huge playground is located near the harbor in Port d'Alcudia. If you arrive by car, parking is available in the streets behind the beach.

6. Playa de Illetes

Playa Illetas is a beach on Mallorca's southwest coast, between Portals Nous and Cala Mayor, about 10 kilometers from Palma. It is located on a tranquil bay with high-end luxury hotels, restaurants, and boutiques lining the cliffs. Illetas is made up of three tiny beaches.

Although all ages enjoy this beach, including families, a younger demographic comes here for the beach clubs and a more active and exclusive ambiance. The beach is around 200 meters long and the sea is calm and Caribbean blue. A little paved path runs up to the streets from this beach.

Due to its modest size, you can only rent sunbeds and umbrellas; there are no water sports or activities. There are a few informal eateries and beach bars right on the beach, with additional alternatives around the side streets. There are a few nice beach and souvenir businesses. On-site showers and restrooms. The cliffs provide an intimacy that makes Illetas feel more private and special.

7. Platja de Can Pastilla

Playa Ca'n Pastilla is located in the midst of the Bahia de Palma bay. It is the beginning of the 5-kilometer-long sand beach that stretches from Ca'n Pastilla to S'Arenal.

Ca'n Pastilla is the widest beach and is completely covered in pure white sand. The water takes a time to deepen, and the bay provides excellent wave shelter.

Lifeguards, sun loungers, parasols, showers, and restrooms are all available at the beach. It even has a long beachfront promenade lined with stores, restaurants, and other amenities.

Parking is available on the streets behind the beach, and you can generally locate a place within a fair walking distance.

8. Caló des Borgit

Calo des Borgit is ranked 80th out of 311 beaches in the Balearic Islands area, located 52.6 kilometers from the capital, Palma. It is one of Porto Petro's most stunning beaches, located only 1.7 kilometers from the town's center. The beach is situated in a natural setting with breathtaking views.

It's a little bay with sparkling blue water and perfect golden fine sand, therefore no special footwear is required. This beach is ideal for a variety of people, including alone travelers, relaxation seekers, and others. During the season, it is not very busy.

The seashore of Calo des Borgit is open to anyone. There are no facilities, simply nature.

You may participate in various activities besides swimming and sunbathing.

This beach is easily accessible because it is near the road. Parking is available right on the beach.

Within a 5-kilometer radius, there are 11 additional beaches

9. Cala Bóquer

A secluded rocky beach that is excellent for snorkeling, located in a cove protected by high cliffs that are home to goats.

Aside from the beach, there are no facilities accessible. Because the nearest place to get supplies is back in Port de Pollença, make sure you pack everything you'll need for the day with you. Please keep in mind that you will have to carry it and that you will need to bring it back home with you.