7 Prettiest Beaches in Maragogi

Sviat Oleksiv
February 18, 2022

Maragogi is situated on the Coral Coast – Costa dos Corais – a 130-kilometer stretch of live tropical reefs off the northeastern Brazilian coast. After Maceio, the state capital of Alagoas, the municipality is the second most visited city. [requires citation]

The "Galés," a collection of tropical pools produced at low tide approximately 6 kilometers from the city's coastline, is its main attraction. They are supplied by 15 big registered catamarans that depart from a variety of locations across the municipality. There are also private tours offered.

With the inauguration of the first Trail Running competition in the region, the WINGSMAN Maragogi, in 2015, the city began to hold athletic events, and it soon became a destination for adventure and outdoor tourism, as well as traditional tourists searching for the greatest beaches in the country.

The history of Maragogi involves fights between Dutch and Portuguese colonists, as well as the rise of sugar cane and coconut plantations, which provided the region's initial affluence. Tourism now has the greatest economic influence on the region. However, its full potential has yet to be realized. Nonetheless, the bustling shoreline in Maragogi is lined with restaurants, shops, and vendors offering local arts and crafts.

Excursions on the reefs themselves or a sail (or even fishing) aboard the local "jangada" sailing rafts can be alternated with trips to snorkel or scuba dive the reefs. Beach buggies may be rented at the hotels and pousadas to visit the desolate beaches of Maragogi and other rural attractions.

1. Antunes Beach

Antunes Beach, on the coast of Maragogi, is known for its turquoise blue seas and a scenery that is distinctive even for that location. Antunes is located between Barra Grande Beach and Dourado Beach, and one of its most notable characteristics is the low-tide sandbanks, from which you may walk into the surf, knee-deep in the ocean.

Antunes Beach, with its tranquil, mild waves, is a wonderful alternative for people who want to discover more of Maragogi's attractions.

You may get to Antunes Beach by land, by scheduling a buggy ride or renting a car from Salinas do Maragogi, or by water, by taking a Beach Tour that includes a stop at one of the sand banks.

2. Barra Grande Beach

Located on the southern coast of Bahia, in northeastern Brazil, is a small piece of paradise that includes the Mara Peninsula, which boasts kilometres of beautiful beaches, the Camamu bay, which contains numerous islands, and the small village of Barra Grande. The village has a pleasant atmosphere, as well as bars, restaurants, and friendly people.

3. Praia de Maragogi

A long, wide beach lined with coconut palms, as well as a variety of restaurants and equipment rental businesses. Beautiful crystal blue waterways, dotted with modest fishing vessels, dot the landscape of this region. It's a little village with a wonderful beach on its doorstep.

4. Maragogi Natural pools - AL

The natural ponds are a must-see in Maragogi. The trip starts on a catamaran or speedboat, as the pools are 6 kilometers away. The boat ride takes around 20 minutes, and teachers discuss the history of the area and safety measures to take.

Coral reef pools are recognized for their shallow, clear waters and diverse marine life. The sea is full with coral, fish, shells, and urchins.

The largest pair of pools, Galés, is ideal for scuba diving. Its waters are deeper than those of Taocas and Barra Grande. Scuba diving at Galés is really peaceful. Only your breath and the magnificent marine life diversity can be heard down there.

Because the seas are shallower at Barra Grande, individuals prefer diving with a snorkel and mask. That's also ideal for kids.

Taocas' pools are smaller and contain less people, adding to the uniqueness.

A full-service water sports facility and trips departing directly from the resort are available at Salinas do Maragogi.

Tours may be booked directly at the resort, as they are weather dependent and restricted by the number of guests to each natural pool.

5. Praia Ponta do Mangue

Landscape that is nothing short of spectacular. Awe-inspiring scenery. During low tide, the sea is quite tranquil, making it a particularly pleasant experience for children and the elderly. The most beautiful beach in the area. Much more peaceful than the others!

6. Praia Peroba

Beach with calm waters for swimming and water sports, as well as a number of cafés and restaurants.

7. Xareu Beach Bar

Leisure beach with sand and sparkling blue sea, coconut palms, and a lagoon at low tide that is less crowded than other beaches in the area.