12 best beaches in Sri Lanka

Sviat Oleksiv
February 23, 2022

In Sri Lanka, all resorts have pretty similar natural characteristics. The ocean is almost the same temperature along the coastline line, and all of the beaches in the country are sandy. True, the water in the area is cleaner the further it is from the capital. 

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Go ahead to the TOP the prettiest beaches on Sri Lanka

1. Mirissa Beach

Mirissa will always be one of the best beaches. The beach is breathtaking. There are five beaches and coves to choose from. Each one is lovely.

Swimming with children is possible in some locations. Fans can try surfing in designated areas. There are two surf spots in the area. Turtle Bay is a bay where you can always see some turtles which swim somewhere there. Yes, Mirissa is a fantastic snorkeling spot. There is the white beach, black sand, and enormous coral that you may gaze at for hours.

Mirissa has grown in popularity as a tourist resort. This means that the tourists will find everything they need. Small stores, souvenir shops, a supermarket, pharmacies, ATMs, alcohol shops, and various guesthouses and hotels catering to multiple tastes and budgets are all available. There's even a tourist police force!

There is a port at Mirissa. This is the only location from which whale-watching cruises can be taken. The harbor itself is a vibrant and colorful environment with many boats—the best place for taking photos.

You should buy fresh fish in the port in the morning. I also advise you to visit Perot Rock and the coconut grove.

Mirissa is still a tiny village. The city of Weligama is located on one side of Mirissa (10 minutes on transport). The central town of Matara is on the other side of the mountain (20 minutes by car). The cities have everything you might be needed. Hospitals, for example.

2. Secret Beach Mirissa

Secret Beach is a small, isolated bay that is visibly separated into two sections by a jumble of massive stones. The beach has golden sand, coral fragments, and spiky shells (specific footwear is recommended!). The sea is shallow and transparent, and numerous tidal pools are close to the coast. Visitors to the beach bar can expect free loungers in exchange for the purchase of food and drinks. Sports equipment and fishing tackle are available for rent.

The beach is beautiful and evocative, and it is encircled by a dense palm grove that provides welcome shade. You can spend the whole day here. But remember to wear sunblock and insect repellent (the jungle is full of mosquitoes).

A beautiful path goes to the beach, with monkeys, black squirrels, and other members of the local species that can be seen along the way. If you don't feel like walking, a rickshaw service is available.

3. Polhena Beach

In general, this is a fantastic beach and a worthy alternative to the expensive Mirissa. Polhena is located between Mirissa and Matara (rather near Matara). 20 minutes drive from Mirissa. The beach is situated away from the busy coast's main road, Galle Road. This is very good because you do not need to cross this risky route. There are tiny and quiet streets within Polhena.

The beache at Polhena is small and lovely. Sand, palm trees, pebbles, and corals are all present. Almost all of the water's entry points are sandy and moderately sloping.

Notice: sometimes, in bad weather, there are undercurrents that flow along the coast. Not scary, but be careful.

4. Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna is often regarded as Sri Lanka's best beach. It was named "the best in the world" by Discovery Channel. The tranquil lagoon is 5 kilometers from Galle, Sri Lanka's old fort. A polished beach vacation is successfully mixed with the chance to see various attractions. Both seasoned tourists and those with few impressions to compare will appreciate the beautiful natural aquamarine pool with a gently golden beach. The bay is full capes and sheltered from the sea by a ridge of coral reefs, making for a peaceful and quiet vacation.

The tiny lane behind the coconut palms provides an additional barrier against the main thoroughfare's hustle and bustle. At the same time, getting to Unawatuna is simple by walking between the little shops, cafes, and eateries. Tourists are mainly "wild," just like the beach. Although there can be many people during peak season, the local beauty and amenities appeal to families with children, solitary travelers, and couples in love. Swimming is safe: there are no strong currents, and the beach has soft sand.

The beach does not have any stylish hotels or restaurants, and the rest of the area is rather simple, which is why so many visitors enjoy it. They do, however, have some basic amenities:

  • There is a shower and a toilet.
  • Several eateries hire out sun loungers and umbrellas.
  • Water sports and amusement are developed in all places.
  • Discos and parties are held regularly, most of which are themed.
  • Swimming, surfing, yoga, going to the market, cooking workshops, fantastic beer, and coconut with a straw are all options.

Tourists with various types of equipment attentively investigate the underwater world. Turtles, moray eels, sharks, blue whales, and other smaller species can all be seen. The proximity of coral thickets to the coast allows "surface" researchers of the bottom to observe all of the tropical residents through the glass bottom of the boats, so they lose nearly nothing from their impressions.

Everything works together to create a relaxing environment. You may relax on a sun lounger next to the ocean with a cocktail in your hand or climb the boulders along the beach to splash in the surf. At sunset, to the sound of the primordial ocean, eternal thoughts arrive here.

5. Dalawella Beach

This beach shows how the media can promote a popular resort from a normal exotic beach, which Sri Lanka has enough. This beach has featured advertisements, glossy magazines, and renowned Instagram bloggers! And it's all because of a few rope ropes tied to the low, bending down to the ground palm trees... It may appear unremarkable, yet it is still worth viewing with your own eyes. Even better if you know how to bike. Furthermore, this pleasure is simply three dollars...

The beach is near the city of Unawatuna, and you may walk there from there. If you are traveling from Colombo, the bus ride will take approximately 2 hours, but you will not be disappointed. You can also remain in one of the hotels near the beach if you want to relax and not come back. Dalawella Beach is a large length of sand that stretches for 700 meters and is 10 to 25 meters wide. It has become world-famous for its rope swings and attracts large throngs of tourists during the summer, although pleasure is far from its only advantage. It's especially popular with tourists because of its excellent golden beach, crystal clear ocean, and friendly locals.

Swimming is safe for everybody thanks a smooth, practically ideal entrance. Small waves and wind are common on the beach, but they do not cause discomfort to visitors and can provide a good learning environment for beginners, but not for specialists.

There are various boulders among the sand on the beach that tourists prefer to climb and photograph against the backdrop of sunset with fascinating scenery. This is an excellent location for family vacations.

6. Bentota Beach

Bentota is the island's second most popular resort in the southern area of Sri Lanka. It is located 65 kilometers away from Colombo. Tourists travel to the Bentota Beach from Colombo, which has an international airport, by train, bus, or taxi, with hired transportation being the most convenient: it is easy to locate at the airport and it will bring you to your destination faster (about two hours).

Bentota Beach is known as Sri Lanka's most romantic beach, and couples frequently visit the city on their honeymoon. There are many options for romantic walks and a beach honeymoon with newlyweds. Just one safari down the same-named river Bentota, with its lush foliage and gorgeous water surface, elicits incredible feelings. Sunbath, relax on a sunbed, or have fun.

Swimming is very safe here, therefore many families with children also enjoy themselves on the beach.

7. Nilaveli Beach

Many people consider it the best in Sri Lanka, and with good cause. If you want to be one with nature, spend time in silence and tranquility, go to Nilaveli Beach, which is lightly populated yet wonderfully beautiful. You will never stop being impressed by the stunning scenic views and the surrounding wildlife on the route to it and when on the beach itself.

The beach is located 120 kilometers east of Colombo and 14 kilometers south of Trincomalee Beach. It has vast swaths of white sand that gently slope into pristine blue waters. There are comfortable conditions for children's swimming and swimming for tourists who do not feel very confident in the water. The bottom, like the beach, is flat, and stones are uncommon. Despite the sandy shore, you can still see your legs when you leave the shore a few meters ahead, indicating that the water is crystal.

There are waves (this is the ocean, after all), but they are modest. At the same time, unlike Hikkaduwa, they are "soft" and do not knock down. The beach is nearly desolate, which adds to its allure. It's the perfect location for a couple in love, especially during a stunning sunset. Another frequent group of travelers is families with children. They will splash in the waves and create castles and search the beach for crabs and gorgeous shells.

8. Tangalle Beach

It's worth visiting here if you want to spend some time in a peaceful, slow rhythm: walk barefoot on the soft sand and breathe in the fresh sea breeze. The biggest benefit of this location is that no one will bother you while you enjoy the unending natural beauty! You won't see another soul on some stretches of the beach... Isn't this a dream come true for a couple or even a single person looking to disconnect from the outside world?

The beach is located in the country's southern region, in the village of the same name, near Matara and 230 kilometers from the island's airport.

It is a major fishing port in the country, and it was formerly, therefore the Dutch and British colonial influences may be seen in the port's look.

Strong waves can be seen along the entire length of the beach, and there are slippery stones in many spots (but not all), so enter the water carefully and in short steps. On the beach, there is a stone barrier that provides a shallow-depth "paddling pool" without waves. Swimming with children is permitted in this location, however there are very few tourists who do so. Basically, these are couples in love who want to disconnect from the outside world for a few days.

9. Dickwella Beach

Dickwella is a small town and a beach on Sri Lanka's southern coast. Because Tangalle and Matara are both nearby, the Dickwella area is frequently associated with one of them. In truth, this is a self-contained resort with a lovely beach where fishing and trade thrive.

The majority of visitors come here because of the natural beauty of the coast. Rest is characterized by quiet and tranquility, and tourism as such is underdeveloped. You can spend your honeymoon here swimming, scuba diving, and wandering about the area. Calm waters will entice not just bottom explorers, but also families with children, groups of tourists who aren't interested in loud parties or shopping.

10. Talalla Beach

Tallala Beach is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka near the city of Matara Tallala is a true tropical paradise and the ideal spot to unwind and relax. The beach is hidden in a small sandy bay, curved in the form of a crescent and surrounded by a lush palm grove. There are no late-night discos, raucous karaoke bars, or the typical water rides. However, you can spend your days splashing in the gentle blue waves, sculpting sand figures, and eating local food at a small beachside restaurant. A beach volleyball court and Ayurvedic massages from local healers are available for amusement.

Modern hotels and villas with a high level of service are placed within walking distance of the beach. "Panorama" is one of them, with its well-kept grounds suggestive of a blossoming Eden and breathtaking views from balconies and terraces.

11. Jungle Beach, Unawatuna.

Jungle Beach is a beautiful beach in the village of Unavantuna on Sri Lanka's south coast. Holidaymakers are drawn to this short 200-meter length of beachfront because of its solitude from the outer world, magnificent views, and a level of comfort that is rarely found on wild beaches.

Jungle Beach impresses with pristine golden sand and big boulders on the coast, which attracts couples and fans of photoshoots, against the backdrop of the ocean, and is surrounded by dense forest (which contributed to the name's development). The beach is rarely unoccupied; it is frequently packed, particularly on weekends.

There is a tiny cafe near the beach whose employees also keep an eye on the beach's cleanliness. You may always rent sun loungers and relax on the beach here.

12. Yala Beach

Yala Beach is a part of Yala National Park Sri Lanka

Yala Beach represents the coastal zone; it is completely undeveloped and unsuitable for swimming or other tourist activities. Furthermore, a powerful current passes close to the shore, dragging gaping swimmers into the open ocean. As a result, special flags were placed on the shore to warn of danger, and surveillance was set up. Water sports, campfires, and tents are not permitted on the beach. But it's pleasant to wander along the beach to the sound of the waves and imagine yourself as a Disney "Jungle Book" hero.